This 6 week system, takes out the information overloaded world we live in, and gets you crystal clear on what it is you actually want. I put nearly 10 years of experience of being a cancer survivor, $1,000s and 100s of hours I have invested in understanding human potential, happiness, love, all my traveling knowledge and interacting with people I have meet all over the world into this 12 week program. I have learned from all these experiences, one thing remains the same: the people who have it all are courageously living their truth.
Find Your Truth
Part 1 - The Key to Your Heart
This is the foundation of your adventure! We find the key to your heart. You will become crystal, clear on what your truth is. You find 100% clarity on your purpose within week 1 to start to see your true potential, with your everyday small habits, behaviors and thoughts.
Deliverables: The Truth of Your Worth Compass & Your Hearts DNA
Part 2 - Become The Modern-Day Walt Disney
Now you begin to discover all the possibilities that inspire you to make that "impossible" truth come alive. This is where your imagination becomes one with you
Deliverables: Calendar of Truth, Your Tribe, & 3 New Beginnings
Speak Your Truth
Part 3 - Creating The Magic
It is like you have been gifted a one-way ticket to wherever you want in the world. We connect the dots to build your courage. You become limitless to seeing how you can free yourself to live the impossible as your reality.
Deliverables: Your Magic Carpet Planner, Your Ultimate Potential, & Your Fearless Tribe
Part 4 - Become The One
We dive deep into what the concept of love means to you. We start to revolutionize and redefine love in the world for you. You start to speak with your love into the world and magic starts to occur around your life. You start to courageously live with your love in the world.
Deliverables: The Truth of Your Love, Your Special Energy, & A Note to Your Heart
Live Your Truth
Part 5 - Intoxicator (AKA someone who takes the time to look within, remove the toxic and become what is left their truth in the world)
You create your Intoxicator Wheel of Life to be set up for the long-term. Your life will be filled with balance, love and harmony that will always be true to you. You are the Intoxicator, "THE" one everyone wants to be.
Deliverables: You're Filled Up Heart & Your Intoxicator Wheel of Life
Part 6 - The Happy Ending
You focus on the future, to ensure this new-found truth remains a sustainable lifestyle. You go through the 12 components of your happiness. You inspire, empower and impact those you are surrounded by and the world to rise up. The world needs your truth, here you see that.
Deliverables: Your Dictionary & Your Roadmap to True Happiness
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